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Please read our full Reservation Terms before making a reservation with us. It takes generally up to 48-72hr before we process your reservation via the email address you provide us below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call:

Toll Free (Canada & US): 1.866.684.9793
Local Direct: 1.604.684.9793


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Maximum double occupancy in all of our rooms.
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Please note room availability are subjected to change. We will always recommend another room for you if the one you prefer is not available
Vacation Rental
Vacation Rental customers, please check the box below and kindly ignore the B & B rates, check-in, deposit, cancellation & refund statements herein. All Vacation Rental policies are available on our Alondra website or with your emailed rates quotation.
- Confirmation within 24 hours
- Held by a one night deposit
- 7 day cancellation notice is required for refund
- Please see our website's Reservation Terms page for our cancellation policy
Please make sure all your information is correct before submitting the request.